Toggles and Timers

Did you know you can focus your for specific tasks with the Toggles and Timers menus?

Toggling off scans you do not currently need can greatly reduce overall scan times.

1.) Go to settings (sprocket)

2.) Tap on Toggle Switches

3.) Tap the green Toggles for each scan you don’t need right now.

4.) Tap Apply!

*Tagged VLAN scans run the duration of the set scan time while all other scans run to timeout. Toggling off Tagged VLAN can greatly reduce scan times.


Discovery Timers allow you to set the scan duration to find those packets that do not broadcast very often.

1.) Go to settings (sprocket)

2.) Tap on Discovery timers

3.) Set the duration higher for scans you are not receiving data for.

4.) Tap Apply!


And thats it, now you are ready to find those packets quickly and efficiently without all the extra data you don’t need!




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