Pro Firmware 96 and App 1.2.8 Pro Firmware Build 96 and App 1.2.8 Update.

Release date: 08/26/20

Note: Some functions require both App 1.2.8 and firmware build 96.

Requires both App and firmware to be updated.

Change Log:

  • Added a toggle in network automation SSH credentials add menu to enable legacy SHA-1 SSH support.
  • Added HP/Aruba Support.
  • Added detailed discovery packet menu. Show raw packet details of LLDP/CDP/EDP/etc…
  • Added detailed Spanning-tree menu. Show raw packet details of the discovery spanning-tree packet.
  • Fixed LAN settings menu. DHCP to static bug fixed. Tagged VLAN bug fixed.
  • Speed enhancements. 

HP/Aruba Examples