Manually connect to a Tagged VLAN

How to connect your netool’s ethernet interface directly to a 802.1q tagged VLAN. Features: All Layer 3 tests will run on the manually connected tagged VLAN. Test for DHCP on a tagged VLAN. Route devices connected to the netool’s built in access point to the subnet located on the set tagged VLAN. This allows connectivity […]

Packet capture to a pcap file on a USB drive

How to capture ethernet packets with your netool to a pcap file saved on a USB drive. More info about pcap files at Wikipedia. Prerequisites: Firmware build 56 and above. iOS or Android app 1.7.0 and above. Windows or macOS app 1.1.0 or above. Step 1: Plug the ethernet into your Netool’s ethernet port. Step 2: […]


FIRMWARE BUILD 47 This update implements more feature requests. Make sure you update your APPs as well. iOS app: 1.5.5 Android app: 1.3.3    Lets get into it. Public IP Address detection has been added, you can find that on the main screen.   The ability to turn on/off Internet Ping, Gateway Ping, and Custom Ping. […]


BUILD 45 and APP iOS 1.5.1 / Android 1.3.1 Today’s update brings you the ability to target CDP and LLDP. APP update: iOS 1.5.1 Android 1.3.1   The targeting options can be found in Toggle Settings. When CDP or LLDP is toggled off, the options for CDP only and LLDP only will drop down. Selecting either […]

BUILD 44 and APP Update: EAP detection and 802.1X support. APP has been updated: iOS 1.5 / Android 1.3 iOS App Store Android App   BUILD 44: EAP detection and 802.1X support. Todays update comes bearing answers to feature requests. *EAP/802.1X features require firmware Build44.   EAP/802.1X info can be found on the main screen.   EAP detection controls: Toggle EAP detection in Toggle Settings and set […]