Build 72 and App 2.0.3

Netool ne1/ne1b Firmware Build 72 and App 2.0.3 Update.

Release date: 04/ 19/19

Notes: Tagging to history will not work with app 2.0.3 and any older build of the firmware than build 72 due to changes of how build 72 stores tagged VLAN data.

Change Log:

  • Speed up tagged VLAN ID querying from the database.
    • This also speeds up tag to history, autosave and instant sharing on the main menu.
  • Added LLDP-MED POE detection.
  • Added LLDP-MED POE class and wattage detection.
  • Added notes to the history menu, user requested. Check out the how to.
  • Improved responsiveness while remote sharing was enabled.

Requirements: iOS 10+ Android 4.4+ Downloads:

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