BUILD 48 – Host Discovery Mode


Features added and bugs resolved.

Get your app updated.

iOS app: 1.6

Android app: 1.6.1

*Recent update to iOS 1.6.1 and Android 1.6.2 added a notification if the firmware needed to be updated after updating the apps.


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Host Discovery mode allows you to plug a into the line going back to a host and devices and detect their MAC address, IP address, VLAN id or OUI Company. Host discovery monitors packets (UDP, TCP, 802.1x, etc..) for sending MAC address and IP address. It also looks up the OUI based on the mac address within the a local database on your phone.


Switch modes by going to the Settings Menu (Sprocket) then tap Netool Mode.

Once toggled go to the Main Screen ( i ). The Packet Man indicates that the is scanning for devices.

When device information is discovered it will display on your screen. You can then share that information by tapping  Share (box with up arrow).



Detect multiple devices on a switch or connect directly to one device.


Set the duration of the scan in Discovery Timers.


Click here for a quick youtube video demoing the new Host Discovery Feature.


Resolutions should now be working as intended.

Loading and animation fixes.

wpa2 passwords can now contain special characters.


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6 thoughts on “BUILD 48 – Host Discovery Mode

  1. Since this update. I am not able to use my netool… When I try to connect to it, it just says connecting…

    1. Greetings, This is an issue with the firmware not being updated. At the moment it may say connecting but it actually is connected. Try going to updates, if the update does not show up, then unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back in. If this is not the issue you are seeing please get back in touch with us.

      1. Hello, also there is another app update that came out today that auto detects the firmware version and prompts you to update if you are on a older version that is compatible with the latest app.

  2. So, the device says build 35. When I goto update nothing is showing up.. is there a way to manually update or am I just missing something?

    1. Make sure you have auto updates and internet ping toggled on. Unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back in while on the update screen.

      If the update still does not come up, toggle off scan features (example: tagged vlan) and follow the steps above.

      Let me know if that does not resolve the issue.


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