BUILD 44 and APP Update: EAP detection and 802.1X support. APP has been updated: iOS 1.5 / Android 1.3

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BUILD 44: EAP detection and 802.1X support.

Todays update comes bearing answers to feature requests.

*EAP/802.1X features require firmware Build44.


EAP/802.1X info can be found on the main screen.


EAP detection controls:

Toggle EAP detection in Toggle Settings and set how long your checks for EAP information in the Discovery Timers menu.

8o2.1x controls:

802.1X authorization is in the Ethernet Settings menu.

802.1x compatibility is still in BETA. We need feedback before we are comfortable taking the beta tag off, so please make sure to contact us asap if you encounter anything odd.


Other improvements


Scans were made smoother and less time consuming.


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*Build 43 was included in build 44 rather than being released on its own.

**If your netool’s WIFI name changed to netool-DEFAULT the resolution can be found: HERE