Brace yourselves, updates are coming.

It seems like just yesterday Build 39: WITTY NAME NOT AVAILABLE! went live and in an effort to keep our community informed we will be posting all information on future updates, bug fixes, and promotions to this blog.


Build 40: STATUS REPORT! is live with new features and bug fixes.

Status Updates

Your devices current status will now be displayed in the top right corner of the app.


Netool.Cloud History Saving*

When is enabled all tagged discoveries will now be saved to the cloud.


Discovery Timers

Set the amount of time your netool scans for information on LLDP/CDP, Tagged VLAN IDs, LACP, and STP.



Fixed an issue that was causing connections to time out with the app.


Don’t have a netool yet? Grab one here!



*in the email it was stated that there was an “iCloud” update but it meant to say “” we apologize for any confusion.

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  1. Thanks! Awesome to see continuing progress on this excellent tool. And great to read release notes!

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