COVID-19 Update

During this time we are following guidelines to keep our staff safe while still being able to provide you with your order. We have reduced our office staff to the shipping manager only. We have stock and are ready to ship. We are asking for 1-2 business days to ship out your order so we […]


BUILD 59  This update brings you some improvements and a feature request. Android APP version 1.8 iOS APP version 1.8 MAC OS APP  version 1.8 Windows APP version 1.8   Manually connect to a Tagged VLAN Click here to find out more!   Devices Menu The devices menu now displays locally and LAN connected Netool’s […]


BUILD 56 Its a big one and a sign of bigger things to come. No time to waste lets get into it. Android App version 1.7.2 iOS App version 1.7.1 Capture to PCAP (USB) NTP Client Settings DHCP Indication, release and renew. CDP/LLDP Switch Description STP Details Changes to History   Capture to PCAP (USB) mode. […]

Device not finding newest update?

After connecting to the device via the devices menu your cannot find the newest update. Resolution: Make sure you have auto updates and internet ping toggled on. Unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back in while on the update screen. If the update still does not come up, toggle off scan features (example: tagged […]