Build 71 and App 2.0.2

Netool ne1/ne1b Firmware Build 71 and App 2.0.2 Update. Release date: 03/ 26/19 Update: Fixes the following issues found in build 70 and App version 2.0 Added Port description to the discovery packet detection. Fixed bugs with dark mode. Fixed STP not timing out. Fixed trunking issue on discovery packet detection switch name and switch […]

Build 70 and App 2.0 Update

Netool ne1/ne1b Firmware Build 70 and App 2.0 Update. Release date: 03/ 14/19 With this release we completely changed the way the netool ne1 collects discovery packets, such as CDP, LLDP, EDP, FDP and SONMP. These changes make it possible to gather port number, switch info, access VLAN id and more, within seconds. We also […]