iOS 1.4.2/ Android 1.2.7

Todays APP update brings you multiple quality of life updates and resolutions.

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Left of the netool’s name you are connected to now has an icon indicating how the app is connected to the device.

A green check indicates that you are connected to the device’s WIFI.

blue cloud indicates you are connected to a device’s cloud.

A pair of blue arrows indicates that you are connected to a device through a network.



There is now a loading icon to make it more clear that the device is scanning for information.


Other Improvements

Resolved an issue that was causing some instances where the app was connecting to the device through the ethernet port rather than the device’s WIFI.

The app should no longer display multiple instances of the same device in the Devices Menu.

The refresh button now will be be grayed out while it checks for Tagged VLAN or you are connected to a device via the Cloud.


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