NE1/NE1B Firmware build 75 and App 2.0.9 Update

Netool NE1/NE1B Firmware Build 75 and App 2.0.9 Update. Release date: 03/25/19 Note: Some functions require both App 2.0.9 and firmware build 75. Requires both App and firmware to be updated. Another note: All of the connectivity issues with WiFi on iOS 13.3.x have been resolved with iOS 13.4.  Change Log: Added HTTP/HTTPS check. Added […]

App Update 2.0.6 – Notifications, Vibrations, and Sounds

Netool NE1/NE1b App 2.0.6 Update. Release date: 10/24/19 Notes: If your phone disconnects from your netool, notifications will stop even if your phone reconnects to the netools WiFi. Re-opening the app reconnects this feature.  Requirements: iOS or Android OS. Change Log: Added system notifications to the iOS or Android app for Switch port update, DHCP […]