2.0 BETA

We did it, you can now manage multiple netool’s cloud data from This service is in beta, we will be adding features as time goes on from our ever growing road map. The current state of is pretty basic but very useful. So lets check it out. Compatibility Requirements Standard build 72 […] Pro update build 97 and app 1.2.12 Pro Firmware Build 97 and App 1.2.12 Update. Release date: 09/23/20 Note: Some functions require both App 1.2.12 and firmware build 97. Requires both App and firmware to be updated. Change Log: Added support for Tag History sync with Fixed bugs with on Pro devices Added web-view for Just browse to […]

SSH Switch Credentials

In this section you will be able to securely store your switches SSH credentials along with set permissions per switch. Example Figure 1 In the example figure 1, you can see a list of SSH Switch credential profiles showing the the many security options that you can implement. How to add a credential profile. (Reference […]

Switch Configure History

In the switch Configuration history menu, you can view history entries for every successful SSH session for each configuration attempt. You can also view SSH session output logs if it is enabled for the given switch profile. Example Figure 1 In the example figure 1, you can see serval Configuration history entries within the history […]

COVID-19 Update

During this time we are following guidelines to keep our staff safe while still being able to provide you with your order. We have reduced our office staff to the shipping manager only. We have stock and are ready to ship. We are asking for 1-2 business days to ship out your order so we […]