iOS 1.4.2/ Android 1.2.7 Todays APP update brings you multiple quality of life updates and resolutions. iOS App Store Android App   Left of the netool’s name you are connected to now has an icon indicating how the app is connected to the device. A green check indicates that you are connected to the device’s WIFI. […]


A quick bug fix went out last night that fixes the issue of blank fields in the ethernet settings. Make sure to update ASAP.


**THIS JUST IN, OR OUT…!** Just moments ago Build 41 was released onto unsuspecting users. We have a red-eye witness report from Nate in the Developers Den. “Yup it works”. Back to you updates. BUILD 41: New feature and bug fix. iOS/ANDROID APPS The apps for both iOS and Android have been updated: iOS App […]

User Manual v1.3 Update

  Get it here: User Manual v1.3             It’s been a long time coming but we finally found the time to catch up on our user manual. We will make sure to keep this up to date as updates are released. Rumor has it noises have been coming from the developers […]


Brace yourselves, updates are coming. It seems like just yesterday Build 39: WITTY NAME NOT AVAILABLE! went live and in an effort to keep our community informed we will be posting all information on future updates, bug fixes, and promotions to this blog.   Build 40: STATUS REPORT! is live with new features and bug fixes. Status Updates […]