Device not finding newest update?

After connecting to the device via the devices menu your cannot find the newest update. Resolution: Make sure you have auto updates and internet ping toggled on. Unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back in while on the update screen. If the update still does not come up, toggle off scan features (example: tagged […]

Stuck on “connecting” after updating app?

Resolution: The firmware has to be updated as well. The device is in fact connected. Go to settings (sprocket) and then Updates. If it does not find the firmware update after a minute of searching, disconnect the ethernet cable with internet and reconnect it.

BUILD 46: Quick fix.

Resolved an issue that was causing some CDP packets to not be detected.

Name changed to netool_DEFAULT after build update?

Some devices WIFI names were changed to netool-DEFAULT from its original name after updating. Resolution: Go to your setting (sprocket) then WIFI settings and hit “apply” and then “Do IT!”. You will then be instructed to reconnect to the devices WIFI. This will reset the WIFI name back to its original name.   I will update […]

Android 6.0.1 or above device not connecting to your Netool?

Shows “Off Line” on main information screen.  Resolution: After connecting to the Netool Wi-Fi network, a notification appears on the phone, indicating the Wi-Fi connection does not have an internet connection. Tap on the notification, which opens a dialog asking whether you would like to stay connected to the network or not. Select to stay […]

Switch information not populating?

Resolution: LLDP or CDP must be enabled within your switch. Some switches do not have LLDP enabled by default and you will have to turn it on. Please see your switch’s product manual to see how to enable LLDP.   Need help with a resolution?  Send a ticket to our Help Desk or email us at Or comment […]