Device not finding newest update?

After connecting to the device via the devices menu your cannot find the newest update. Resolution: Make sure you have auto updates and internet ping toggled on. Unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back in while on the update screen. If the update still does not come up, toggle off scan features (example: tagged […]

Stuck on “connecting” after updating app?

Resolution: The firmware has to be updated as well. The device is in fact connected. Go to settings (sprocket) and then Updates. If it does not find the firmware update after a minute of searching, disconnect the ethernet cable with internet and reconnect it.

BUILD 48 – Host Discovery Mode

FIRMWARE BUILD 48 Features added and bugs resolved. Get your app updated. iOS app: 1.6 Android app: 1.6.1 *Recent update to iOS 1.6.1 and Android 1.6.2 added a notification if the firmware needed to be updated after updating the apps.   Lets scroll out!   Host Discovery mode allows you to plug a […]


FIRMWARE BUILD 47 This update implements more feature requests. Make sure you update your APPs as well. iOS app: 1.5.5 Android app: 1.3.3    Lets get into it. Public IP Address detection has been added, you can find that on the main screen.   The ability to turn on/off Internet Ping, Gateway Ping, and Custom Ping. […]


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We have officially opened our affiliates program.* Who we are looking for: Affiliates should be people that planned on suggesting to their followers, subscribers, co-workers, or friends. While every one likes money, “salesmen” are not what we are looking for. It is not in our, or any ones, best interest to exaggerate or mislead customers […]